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The capital of the first kiln Today issued a "silk rhyme"

Date: 2015-11-08

This morning, wenbo will be held at the venue, xicheng district launched by Beijing colour porcelain museum "hail to the earth" Beijing colour porcelain culture experience line activity, "Beijing colour porcelain museum" formal appearance. In addition, by the name of a shop in RenTang build "city of the first kiln" in open kiln this morning.
Is located in the old house RenTang in Beijing, Beijing colour porcelain museum at wenbo, will this morning, and for the first time "Beijing colour porcelain culture experience line" activities. Beijing colour porcelain originated in the late qing, commonly known as Beijing antique porcelain, named after the deep coating by imitating time variety. Today, Beijing colour porcelain has been included in the non-material cultural heritage list of Beijing.
According to introducing, Beijing colour porcelain museum dubbed "the eternal first porcelain" hidden "qianlong pastel deer". Genuine in the Palace Museum, the collection is in emperor ten council system, in the brook pastel stunt, because of its shape and large (500), porcelain painting, firing heavy and complicated, and therefore difficult to replicate. The museum collection by the arts and crafts master personally supervise to reproduce, is regarded as ", ".
In addition, the RenTang skillful craftsman, build modern kiln, from design to build after 2 months of "city first kiln", this morning also held a ceremony of "open kiln".
Reporters on the scene to see, "Beijing's first kiln" inside the kiln successfully fired from big porcelain enamel work, the warm affection silk rhyme, into the "area" element, the bottle with colored enamel craft draw peacock peony patterns, exquisite picture is unusual, glaze color crystal clear, pure attracted many foreign friends onlookers. (source: the legal evening news correspondent: Cao Lei)