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The Capital Airport International Hotel (Shoudu Jichang Guoji Jiudian) is within walking distance of the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the Beijing Capital International Airport.     This Beijing hotel houses rooms equipped with international direct-dial telephones and free broadband Internet access.  It also features a lobby bar for those wanting to socialize and conference rooms with a business center to provide any services you may need.

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  • genevieve
    Near the airport, temporary living conditions
  • david67
    That will be fine
  • liyanmomo
    Very good breakfast, particularly near the airport is mainly.
  • e00172851
    General staying feel also good environment also is good except room lights somewhat dark winter somewhat cold are also good. but must also to said points. first big winter Xia with snow ahead of has applauded has received machine. in take luggage Shi on call let we out has Terminal floor to parking channel mouth waiting for. really of really of not exaggerated we full wearing thin of cotton clothing in snow in station has more than 40 minutes a again a again of playing with phone urged for to of only immediately five minutes immediately five pointsBell total number of five minutes and so on. I do not know why the car didn't or drivers don't know how to do for a long time? let the guest who? this is really broken heart. to the hotel front desk brother in order to make up for our complimentary breakfast. 2nd the next morning to catch a plane met several foreign friends mistake Terminal had been held up earlier but not good car seats are not enoughYou? victims have I almost late has aircraft early Shang not know which to of security also is which to of staff a butt sat in has front desk pulled up has home free to by with chat disturb front desk work. but Hotel separate of situation General is good breakfast food is hot should is daily new do front desk service attitude also is good addition praised a female front desk due to work to sent sent many items home she also specially with himself phone contact express company help I solution.
  • arronex
    Location to find, environment clean and sanitary facilities.
  • e00713514
    OK ... are picking up cars too crowded. from the airport a bit closer.
  • eileendancer
    Second, really very close, other General was sending T3 in the parking lot, a long way
  • LV2065
    This thought adjacent first Terminal floor will suffered aircraft took off rumble of interference, but actual effect does not big. but only was wheat accept of is was no hot. I noon attempts to bath, rain broke to hot, water more than 20 minutes not out hot, and hydraulic not stability, while out while stopped, adjustment to cold water, hydraulic didn't problem. wants to is hotel has design hot, but equipment old bad makes has's.
  • guan851
    OK, turn the, is a convenient, don't ask for too much.
  • Supercalvin
    1, very convenient, morning arrived, contact received machine master, probably ten minutes Hou on to car has, car open has didn't a few minutes Bell on see hotel, original Hotel almost in T1 next door. 2, service thoughtful, shuttle machine time set has Hou, are compared on time. 3, facilities compared can, although not is new, but room clean, also more clean. anyway, in airport side Shang can live to such of shortcut hotel, is compared satisfaction of. recommended.
  • e04882342
    Also, it is a bit expensive
  • bebeyuan
    Little noise beds a bit hard to move the spring across the connecting flight is a good choice
  • cli1173
    Not what to do, but nearly. price is also reasonable.
  • A96863216
    Hotel slightly pungent taste, should be renovated the old House
  • david_20091989
    Going on a business trip, flight early in the morning, the environment can also
  • e00024013
    Poor environment, sound great
  • lingbo
    So so.
  • mayli
    Good location, airport transfer service, very convenient ... Nice.
  • e01725518
    Pretty good on the first floor next to
  • early7000
    Good, that is, next to the airport
  • laogao
    Room clean, just a bit of wave. the hotel address, 200 meters away from T1, walk 5 minutes, if it is based on T1,T2 or can choose to walk to reach. hotel limousine, the whole point of view. of course, close to airport, planes is unavoidable at night
  • agd12
    A good environment, very close from the airport, very convenient!
  • caiyunbo18
    Location is quite good, T1 last less than five minutes ' walk, opposite T2. is the tarmac outside the window, but fortunately, the plane is there to stay, not as noisy as others said. disadvantage is that equipment is aging, small supermarket selling things quite expensive
  • ry5059
    Shuttle service at the airport is very convenient. terminal building in three minutes ' walk to the 1th, very convenient. service attitude is good. Internet access quickly. but nothing in the vicinity, is a pity.
  • xiajunjun
    Hotel, excellent service, good sanitation, suitable for living, close to choose!
  • anrui731
    It's OK
  • lulu2202
    Well, close to airport, is also responsible for the shuttle!
  • flwfiona
    Nice, airport transfer service, close to the runway but it was clean, mainly from 1, 2nd Terminal is very convenient!
  • M00661222
    1th Terminal beside the breakfast needs to be improved
  • travellman
    Upper and lower planes are too convenient, rooms are clean. most important is easy, you take a few minutes to walk to to the first floor!
  • vilinwj
    Advantage is that the environment is clean and really near from the airport to the T2 is less than 10 minutes by car there is noise but acceptable weakness certainly was not hot baths if facilities were perfect in the perfect
  • talang
    Room was a bit small, very clean
  • TravelDavid
    Guest book for me was very satisfied!
  • e01493778
    Hotel overall also is good of, room and bathroom also is big, only ointment of is room light poor, original worried of room within Wi-Fi problem, now also has solution, General for 41 times happy of staying. this hotel business conference compared more, front desk people many, recommends 10 o'clock in the morning or 2 o'clock in the afternoon yihou to handle procedures. price relative Yu also grade of hotel also is cheap, room clean is active,
  • dongbiyan88
    Next to the Terminal 1'2, convenient, free shuttle service, unfortunately the room some odors.
  • niubayi
    Close to airport
  • oracle20g
    Poor health, room noisy, front desk, location convenient, aircraft arrived too late is no way, will not be considered
  • cms795
    Simple hotel, facilities are not so good
  • meiei
    Hotel is near the airport, service very good, hotel provide free shuttle between the terminal building and hotel, the feeling is very convenient
    Suitable place for turnaround time to sleep one night, room was clean! I was quite satisfied.
  • gxboss
    Booked a room and made a warranty when midnight was told not in the room
  • meng7777777
    Easy travel, the early free airport transfer, good!
  • E00033152
    Close to airport, nine o'clock in the evening to shop there is no hot water
  • Devin Yu
    Well, that is, aircraft noise
  • jie400
    From the 1.2th Terminal near ... ...
  • gdfsml
    From the T1 air show floor 5 minutes
  • gabyb
    Suitable place for turnaround time to sleep one night, room was clean! I was very satisfied with the ... not noisy at night.
  • lianminling
    OK nice
  • e00256241
  • Alan2008
    That's good