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The Capital Airport International Hotel (Shoudu Jichang Guoji Jiudian) is within walking distance of the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the Beijing Capital International Airport.     This Beijing hotel houses rooms equipped with international direct-dial telephones and free broadband Internet access.  It also features a lobby bar for those wanting to socialize and conference rooms with a business center to provide any services you may need.

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  • e01997571
    Services are generally
  • a3758192
    Interior also, is surrounded by supermarkets and restaurants are rare, usually
  • claudioit
    Very close from the airport, very convenient of the aircraft taking off and landing has some effect on sleep. for convenience, the hotel is a good choice, quiet, best to the city.
  • beinini
    Distance first,. Second, Terminal floor very of near, walk three minutes on can to 1th Terminal floor, has Shuttle airport service is convenient. service attitude also is good. Internet also soon. but near what are no, but can to airport in to dinner, also also convenient. Metro mouth, Terminal floor free shuttle machine, free upgrade luxury standard between, is aircraft compared noisy is, room clean, decoration old.
  • jerrnny
    1th Terminal 5-minute walk from the airport, catch a flight, this is the biggest advantage, and other fine reviews.
  • eleny_5888
    Nice, convenient!
  • glen11
    Just beside the airport, a bit noisy, older, free pick-up, but had to wait a long time
  • guoxyus
    Good choice for stopover-Stay with late arrival and early Connecting Flight - nothing more. Easy from T1 and T2, walk through T1 and then its about 400 metre to walk on the sidewalk. Its beside Parking T1.
  • calmcamel
    Really near from the airport, from the first and second terminal are very close, within the hotel facilities are very good, and reasonable price, very clean, good good!
  • diudiu029
    Room was very clean, live very comfortable!
  • candywang0204
    In addition close outside the T1, the other poor. Most can't stand is incredibly transparent between health, sewer smell at all, towels, bath towels are old and broken are afraid to use. Breakfast was poor. Pre-authorization brush dozens of less money at the front desk, night calls to you to renew. Level there is no hot water, live unable to bathe, sometimes no water at all.
  • lsfpeace
    Is the tarmac outside the window of the room, noisy, room lights Dim, and a veteran of the airports to the hotel names are very similar, I accidentally scheduled errors, no resistance
  • foreverxinxin
    You can also easy boarding, but aircraft noise
  • lr7117
    Hotel facilities, staff very good, all the praise!
  • Isidora_X
    Hotel very good, health facilities are good, also near from the airport, next to the airport will be live
  • alonexun
    It's OK
  • yueyan217
  • AngeliaP
    Very good
  • jingyuner81
    Hotel is very near the TI Terminal, nothing around, downstairs restaurant for dinner not ye drops, but the prices are still quite reasonable hotel supermarket, hotel is very old, but for aircraft such as pure people,
  • BabyDandan
    Yes, Yes, Yes, yes Oh
  • ccx2518
    Sooooo sooooo d cum sooooo sooooo sooooo f
  • abcdefge
    Price/performance is not high!
  • e00221226
    Still, with the airport
  • bluesp
    Parents go out, the location was excellent, convenient, suitable for a relatively short period of rest. to find walking to.
  • nuoyanmeigui
    Overall is was too noisy! close to airport and other health facilities can be
  • beijingtrip12
    Was very close to the airport, for connecting
  • mattewlu
    Easy to fly, and have almost no shops around there, eat shop to prepare in advance, the hotel room was good
  • mindyg
    Turn stay
  • pu_ti
    Which is very nice
  • elecxd
    Service was good
  • rosie
    From the airport is really close
  • elingleung
    Every time this business is very hot, today no book
  • lxt19910110
    Terminal-specific, passing through General, free transfer to airport, Beijing Capital International Airport only. hahaha
  • yuumi5
    Hotel is well located, close to the Metro, the transportation is very convenient. around eating, shopping is very convenient ... hotel facilities, rooms are clean and new equipment, warm service. hotel accommodation with free parking and security do a good job. it is worth staying at!
  • yangm2000
    Connecting the most important is to be able to take a hot shower after a good night's sleep, but the water half an hour before the hot, not wash hot water don't have [embarrassing]. that is to wire up a few, Luo quilt pad underneath to panic [mad]. the pick-up service, hygiene and breakfast does not say ... Close no reason to fool the airports business conscience. overall plan can save money consider, if you are enjoying the free.
  • baobeipolo
    Hotel is very good, the reception staff attitude was very good, the only thing around is to eat less.
  • e01351353
    Hotels near the airport, noise is too loud, the hotel facilities, after moving in, even in the old blood stains found on the towel, nausea, ask the hotel staff said the new change, speechless ... not worth the price.
  • rare1983
    In addition close to airport, price decent outside, others are very general,
  • duyixiang
    Good place! !Very convenient!
  • jone8
    Hotel received machine service of was cannot more poor has, began see comments on said Hotel received machine is poor, also thought is individual phenomenon, results to has airport to front desk call, front desk to I directly to received machine Member call, playing past I asked is airport hotel did, results even points ECHO are no, asked has several again, heard a limp of voice, well has a sound, was no language, behind and asked to that find they fundamental not talk, each problem are to asked several again, really of to people added blocking, really ofA picture of a yaosibuhuo attitude, who hit who knows, following the pickup person is the rental company, well, I really do not know why the hotel pick up, anyway is looking for car rental companies to pick up, feel of the hotel's airport officer will only give customers clogging, annoying.
  • white
    From the Terminal T1 super close, walk a few minutes to reach! Nice
  • arile0108
    So close
  • rissa
    Good breakfast, shuttle service on time, next time you are staying.
  • Ariel1999
    Close to airport, but still takes 15 minutes by car.
  • alvin_evans_lee
    Flying more convenient, other General
  • ben7788
    Well, you can also
  • baoguobao
    Environmental services is really very hot water bath is guaranteed for one normal night all night don't go
  • CS Wong
  • beautys2012
    The Windows of the room not shut, are noisy all night long. bathroom glass door was broken, it doesn't stay closed. sewer odour. but the front desk service was very good.
  • iundyou
    Close to the airport with airport transfer