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At the age of 65, 337 bus no longer into the third ring road

Date: 2015-11-08

Bus group, announced that the optimization adjustment since October 22 10 lines, of which 337 changan avenue road for cross lane that north mouth the left, to empty turn around to the front door, pull out sections can be made of 1, 10 road instead. This means that opened in 1950, 337 road will be withdrawn from the city traffic jam. Yesterday, is the 337 bus driving into the third ring road on the last day.
The reporter understands from bus group, the predecessor district road 337, opened on November 1, 1950 by DongHuaMen through tiananmen out sparkles to shijingshan bus station, road 23 kilometers long, December 17 to go north, 26.8 kilometers long. In December 1956, changed its name to 37. In November 1972, while the city bus lines, to 337 and in use today, there have been 65 years of history.
Encountered, after 337 no longer into the 3rd ring road, 337 old passengers, some sad. Passengers, Mr Liu said that 337 is the "big" all the way, the shijingshan district can drive from home directly to chang 'an avenue. "Ten years ago, my door is 337 road station, a door a few minutes to get in, such as ticket was a five. As long as it's not the rush hour, few people on the bus, can always get a seat." , caught Mr. Liu also have fun, as long as take the number 337 is something of a "bad", "line is too long, a traffic jam is easy to sit for an hour or two. Can now change line is good too."
Is not only a passenger, 337 cabin crew and some don't give up, "every day early morning can pass by changan avenue bridge sparkles, see on the rainbow bridge, means that we are close to the station. After encountered no longer after there, thinking and some are not willing to give up." (source: Beijing morning paper reporter: Zhang Jingya)