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The national well-known painter-calligrapher into the old revolutionary base areas to carry out the cultural rebuilding

Date: 2015-11-08

New Beijing network November 7 (reporter Du Yan) more than a dozen domestic well-known painter-calligrapher this year have entered the jinggangshan, yan 'an, river bank Mongolia, xibaipo and other old revolutionary base areas, in the same way that a culture built, the revolutionary predecessors feats.
"Civil-military integration brilliance hand in hand China dream" national painting and calligraphy competition by the ministry of civil affairs newspaper in Chinese society, to the enterprise culture development center, was in Beijing in April this year to mark the launch of China's Anti-Japanese War and the seventy anniversary of the victory of world anti-fascist war and special planning large-scale calligraphy and painting collection activities.
Today, the activities of the organizing committee of the contest, the Chinese society a newspaper editor in chief and President Zhou Weihua said in Beijing that artists have entered the jinggangshan, yan 'an, river bank Mongolia, xibaipo culture rebuilding old revolutionary base areas, is to use practical actions to artists is more close to the grassroots, close to the life of the people, to create more from life, to popular art.
He said, the central state organs artists association chairman Wang Kuohai, kanto school leaders Dai Chengyou, director of Chinese calligrapher's association Liu Junjing, member of Chinese calligrapher Luo Qin took part in the activity, etc.
According to introducing, in built into the xibaipo culture during the activity, the organizing committee of the organization not only a well-known painter-calligrapher line field the xibaipo memorial hall, seven leaders in the site of the central committee of the communist party of China, such as site, such as red spots, also to xibaipo hope primary school to carry out the characteristic culture rebuilding activity, teachers and students for the school to write school spirit, school motto, donated to the school basketball, bag, pencil case, pencils, erasers and so on study and sports goods.
The organizing committee and facilitate the people around how to develop cultural rebuilding old feedback people held the theme of the symposium, art. Wang Kuohai said, recall the past hard years, old revolutionary base areas spirit is the construction of national needs, can bring their own cultural artistic creation into the honour of old will always go on.
Contest, the executive director of the organizing committee, vice President, Chinese society newspaper Qin Yan said the culture rebuilding of old revolutionary base areas series of activities is the innovative civil-military integration, culture rebuilding activity is just the beginning of this year, next year will be planning more into the old, through a series of cultural assistance activities, let the artists come to civil affairs, close to the grassroots, more feel the spirit of old revolutionary base areas. (after)