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"Maker Faire" up by more than 150 Chinese and foreign team creativity

Date: 2015-11-08

New Beijing network November 7 (reporter had light) 3 d printing teeth, voice interaction dolls, intelligent robot... 7, a guest event "Beijing Mini Maker Faire" opened in Beijing. More than 150 from China, the United States, South Korea, Japan and other places of the guest team, was a creative party in Beijing.
This event is the world's largest and guest "Maker Faire" debut in the capital. As promoting a culture of a guest DIY celebrations around the world, "the Maker Faire" after nearly 10 years of development, has been all over the world, in the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Australia, Japan and so on more than 100 cities held a party, the winner will be the final finals in the United States. On November 7, 2015, "Beijing Mini Maker Faire" opened in Beijing, until 8.
South plaza is located in the millennium monument "and guest bazaar" gong opened the day. An enter a door, a row of tiny robots attracted many children watch. Pointing to a "spider" robots, Intel and all the staff, told reporters that the space that on the basis of ordinary robot equipped with special cameras, face or specific identification of the object, can be accurate path following "fire", is suitable for widely used in scientific research, teaching, etc.
Wang Yanlong, on the other side, are hard "Shouting" of his own "turnip", this is he has a team of independent research and development of a "voice control vehicle robot". "Looking down it's too dangerous driving, and to use car radish, the driver just to talk, you can navigate, called", Wang Yanlong explanation of his own design. Small robots also load a "heads-up display", namely the image information can be displayed in front of the pilot area. This last was formally established a entrepreneurial team, has to the product promotion to jingdong sales.
Such a young guest everywhere. As a startup more than 1 year of Yang Qing and her partners after 80, 90, has brought a portable "3 d glasses".
"Young people enjoy watching movies, this is a private mobile cinema", qing-qing Yang said. The 3 d glasses called "hi", more like a small player, just have good in matching the handle box 3 d film, wear it can enjoy 3 d movies, even if is a 2 d film, in this "within the 3 d glasses" also present a giant screen effect of cinema.
"Internet +" is a geek won't miss a good idea. KeTian "go ask" team, integration of the Internet on watches, voice search system, etc. This watch have adopted Chinese intelligent operating system, diversified service but also attracted a lot of people try: just say "I'm hungry" can automatically displays the surrounding restaurants...
In addition to the passenger market, workshops, and activities such as BBS and performance were established, more than 10 gen higher-ups, a guest at home and abroad education experts, will share their experience.
"Beijing Mini Maker Faire" authorized by the United States Make magazine, Beijing gehua ticketmaster host culture development group co., LTD, Beijing gehua ticketmaster design co., LTD and gehua ticketmaster DSC to undertake creative design services center. Organizers said, will also work with jingdong, nanluogu xiang, tsinghua X-ray lab and other long-term strategic cooperation, for China's gen geeks O2O platform and incubation platform, to China and set up an international platform for the display and further promote the marketization of native and customer project. (after)